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I've been putting up lots of videos in the VOD Theater, lots of new wet & messy material now up too. Also, I've been trying to re organize the site and have improved the guests photos page, you'll see preview photo sets, and new stuff too.


Lyla Storm video - Long Hair Teaser

Maliyah Madison Hair Show Screencaps - 168 in members section, 8 in guests vid cap gallery

Maliyah Madison Hair Show Video Clips - Join and see 2 sample video clips of the Maliyah Madison show

Holly Sampson Shower Show - 10 pics in guests section and 10 pics in guests section

Tanya Danielle - Hair Show 2 pics

Sofia Ferrari - Hair show screen caps photos

Veronica Jett Shower Show - 6 digital photos in guests section, 203 in members section! Join and see them all!

Tami Monroe Hair Show Promo Videos up in members section! Check out these large screen size video clips in the members section now!

Jewell Marceau 5 Promo Video in members section now!

Jewell Marceau 5 Promo Vidcaps - 4 vidcaps in guests section, 17 in members section

Lisa Marie Hair Tease - 4 vid caps in guests section, 17 vid caps and a short video in the members section.

Smoking Mary Jane 2 - video clip up in members section.. Watch Maryjane soak her face apply conditioner to her head and body... Join and see it...

Smoking Mary Jane 2 - Wet & Messy, Shower, Lather, Show 179 Digital Photos in Members Section, 6 Samples in the Guests Gallery

Zoe Doll Shower 1 - 121 photos in the members 6 photos in the guests section

Thank you for visiting... please enjoy the stuff! I need feedback on where you want me to take this stuff. I have tons of content and shoot this stuff all the time, If you want a custom shoot I know models who love to do this..go to my custom video page for more info go here: for customs the girls are always looking to do hair shows. Check back often, I update often! ..and please help me keep this site going by going to the store and ordering a couple of the videos ... I would like to thank all who have helped me make this site a reality, including Bigboy, "Godfather of Lather", "Shampoogirl", and the others who know who they are...I was nearly homeless and down on my luck when my friend bought me a computer and urged me to put this stuff up... this is an art where I have worked long and hard on these shoots to make this as pleasurable a vision as I can......I was lucky to have this material...there are some of your favorite Hollywod models , b movie actresses, adult film stars, and some beautiful , sexy, long haired wet and messy do yourself a favor, if you like this stuff please give me the support, so I can continue to develop this site for you...Thanks for your support...